Standard Sugar Cube Speaker (8 Ohm)


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A good quality standard sugar cube speaker with decent sound output for its size. These sugar cubes are always best installed with a sound box. We provide a basic 3D printed sound box with each speaker, but they can also be fabricated from plasticard/sheet styrene.

Sugar cube speakers tend to perform best in parallel pairs, however, where a single speaker is used, we strongly recommend that the overall output volume of the sound decoder is turned down to prevent the speaker from being over-driven and the sound becoming distorted. With a LokSound V4, this can be done by altering CV63 to 70 (any greater than this and crackling may be audible).

Fitting notes: The sound box should be fitted on the diaphragm side of the speaker (which may be covered by a thin layer of protective black material and/or surrounded by a thin white gasket).

We recommend that, where fitted, the white gasket surrounding the diaphragm, along with any black covering material, is carefully removed prior to fixing the sound box. This will allow for a better seal between the sound box and the speaker.

Due to the nature of manufacturing process, occasionally 3D printed parts may have small air gaps between some layers. Brushing a thin coat of solvent cement across the inner surfaces of the sound box prior to installation should seal any such gaps.

Click here to read our Fitting a sound box to a sugar cube speaker how-to guide.


Size: 15mm x 11m x 4mm

Power: 0.75 W (1W peak)

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Quantity: 1 per pack (incl. sound box)

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