Sugar Cube Sound Box (15mm x 11mm x 2mm)


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A basic 3D printed sound box to fit our standard sugar cube speaker. These sound boxes will also fit a range of other sugar cube speakers, but please double-check the dimensions before ordering. A sugar cube speaker is shown in the gallery for reference, but must be purchased separately.

Fitting notes: The sound box should be fitted on the diaphragm side of the speaker (which may be covered by a thin layer of protective black material and/or surrounded by a thin white tape).

We recommend that the white tape surrounding the diaphragm is carefully removed prior to fixing the sound box with a small amount of cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) applied using a cocktail stick. If removing the white tape creates a tear or hole in the black material, carefully remove the black material as well.

Due to the nature of manufacturing process, occasionally 3D printed parts may have small air gaps between some layers. Brushing a thin coat of solvent cement across the inner surfaces of the sound box prior to installation should seal any such gaps.


Size: 15mm x 11m x 3mm

Sound box depth: 2mm

Quantity: 1 per pack

NB. Photographs are representative of a product listing and, depending on suppliers, may not always show the precise item that you will receive. Please base a purchase decision on the written specifications and not the photograph(s). Dimensions may vary very slightly due to manufacturing discrepancies.